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Social media flight 101

Planning corporate social media is like planning a flight. Before you taxi down the runway there’s a lot to do. Even more while in flight. A lack of planning, preparation and control can bring you down to earth fast.

Digital Marketing is not just about Social Media

Are you ready for takeoff?

Strategic Planning

Without a social/digital media plan you are guaranteed to fly off into the Bermuda Triangle. No one will ever see or hear from you again.

Communicatto’s expert team of digital strategists will map out your route and save you from disappearing to some alternate plane of non-existence. Whatever your online marketing needs are, we have you covered.


Performance Management

In digital marketing you can only manage what you measure. Without air traffic control, how do you know what planes are in the air, taking off, landing, or where they are going?

Communicatto provides the key performance indicators that prevent you from crashing online. Our suite of inbound marketing services will give you the lift you need on the web.

Social Media

Content, Community, Conversation

What’s a flight without a good book or movie, some decent fellow travellers and a good seat? Boring, that’s what.

Communicatto insures you generate compelling blog and social media content through great storytelling, all the while attracting the audience you want and chatting them up on the social channels they use.

We’re old hands at digital media who also earned our wings in traditional media.
If you want more from your digital marketing …

Then you need Communicatto!

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We generate tons of content for our clients, always with a strategy.
Then we report on our results, monthly and in quarterly health checks.

All this activity requires a lot of coffee.