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January 29, 2020 slides are available for download here.

February 26, 2020 slides are available for download here.

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social media management systems


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January 29, 2020 exercises


First activity break – Pre-flight:

  1. Reputation research – search out your organization’s name:
    1. Google: branded search
    2. Google: unbranded search (Ubersuggest to find keywords)
    3. Namechk
    4. Listening tools (,, etc.)
  2. Review a sample social media policy

second activity break – flight PLAN – people:

  1. People: Persona builder by Hubspot

Third activity break – flight PLAN – objectives:

  1. Objectives: Goal setting worksheet

homework – flight PLAN – Strategy & technology:

  1. Strategy: Planning questionnaire
  2. Evaluate channels by demographics

February 26, 2020 exercises

Worksheet Activity

You can download a pdf of the worksheet we provided here.