11 of the best social media accounts of 2021

11 of the best social media accounts of 2021

Want to stay on top of the latest social media trends? Then you’ve got to follow other brands you admire and respect. That’s why we’re keeping track of the best social media accounts of 2021.

No matter your industry, there’s so much to learn from watching how other brands work. You can learn from their mistakes, pick up on what’s trending and optimize your own efforts. As long as you’re not ripping anyone off, keeping your eye on the competition should be a part of your successful social media strategy.

Have fun checking out some of our favourite social media accounts to follow!

11 of the best social media accounts of 2021:


Bowl of tofu, eggs, veggies and rice with Omsom sauce packets

via @omsom on Instagram

1. @omsom (Instagram)

Ultra-cohesive visual branding, education, entertainment – what more could you ask for? Oh, and Omsom’s sauces also happen to be incredible IRL. If you want to create a real community around your services or products, @omson will show you how it’s done (and with style).



5 tips for writing headlines that grab attention list

via @copyposse on Instagram

2. @copyposse (Instagram)

Between social media posts, blogs, websites and email marketing, we all could use a little writing help. Thankfully, @copyposse (a.k.a. Alex Cattoni) supplies tons incredible (and free!) copywriting advice and resources. Tip: Alex’s YouTube channel gives even more in-depth insights that will seriously boost your writing skills.



Shapes cheat sheet from Canva's Instagram

via @canva on Instagram

3. @canva (Instagram)

If you’ve ever spent any time on Canva, you know it can feel like falling down a rabbit hole. There’s just so much good stuff to look at and explore! Following Canva’s Instagram is a great way to save time and learn helpful design hacks. They even post “cheat sheets” to help you find amazing graphics in a flash!



Meme from Wendy's Instagram

via @wendys on Instagram

4. @wendys (Instagram & Twitter)

A true classic. For years, Wendy’s has been a leader on Twitter, showcasing how a sense of humour can be a game-changer. They’re not afraid to push boundaries or throw the occasional jab at other fast-food chains. While you’re probably already following them on Twitter, make sure to check out their Instagram – especially if you love memes.


#ad It’s FINALLY HERE! @mccormickkitchens Sunshine All-Purpose Seasoning by Tabitha Brown – Coming July 8! #sunshineseasoning #mccormickpartner

♬ original sound – Tabitha Brown

5. @iamtabithabrown (on TikTok)

If you want to learn how to create a personal connection with your social media audience, look no further. While Tabitha’s TikTok is essentially about food, it’s her personality that sets her apart from the pack. Infusing your content with authenticity and character is a great way to attract followers and build engagement. When you truly make your audience feel like you care about them, they’ll return the favour.


Apple Cider Doughnut Hand Pies in 60 seconds #desserttiktok #ForYouPizza #baking #fallrecipes #applepie #cottagecore

♬ Piano sleep LoFi slow midnight(808930) – Gloveity

6. @milkbarstore (on TikTok)

Need inspiration for your behind-the-scenes video content? You’ve got to check out @milkbarstore on TikTok. Be warned: Their videos will make you feel inspire and hungry.


Orange and black diamond from Adobe's Facebook

7. @Adobe (Facebook)

If you have to use Adobe products for work, you know how challenging they can be. But good news: Adobe’s Facebook page is full of helpful tips, live videos, design challenges and other skill-boosting resources. We bet even seasoned Photoshop pros could learn a thing or two.



The worst post-pandemic marketing tips Content Marketing Institute

via Content Marketing Institute on LinkedIn

8. Content Marketing Institute (LinkedIn)

You know we love great digital marketing content – and Content Marketing Institute delivers. While LinkedIn can be over saturated with self-promotional and/or questionable marketing advice, Content Marketing Institute supplies tons of well-respected research.

9. @danjlevy (Twitter)

In 2020, Dan Levy (co-creator and star of Schitt’s Creek) encouraged his followers to join him in taking the University of Alberta’s Indigenous Canada course. But that wasn’t a one-off gesture. Throughout 2021, Dan made sure to follow up with participants to uncover the course’s real-world impacts. Calling the course “transformational”, he ultimately encouraged over 200,000 students to sign up. Needless to say, Dan’s social media efforts are pretty transformational too.

10. @semrush (Twitter)

When it comes to SEO, there’s a lot to learn. Get your daily dose of SEO expertise and learn about SEMrush’s tools by giving them a follow on Twitter. While you’re at it, make sure to tune in for their SEMrush Chat, which they host weekly!

11. Dionne Warwick (Twitter)

Yup, the legendary Dionne Warwick might be 80, but she plays the Twitter game better than most. There’s a certain magic that happens when you prioritize relevancy in your content – and Ms. Warwick serves as an excellent (and hilarious) example. She’s the queen of paying attention to what is being talked about online and capitalizing on it.

These accounts are all so successful thanks in large part to their social media strategies. If you’d like to give your own social strategy a boost for the new year (and beyond), we’d love to hear from you!

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