The 2017 digital media crossword challenge

The 2017 digital media crossword challenge

The weather outside is frightful; you better stay inside and get to work on our crossword.

We’re officially challenging you to try out our 2017 crossword puzzle. It’s time to summon your digital media expertise – you’re going to need it.

Using the hints below, can you solve the puzzle? And, more importantly, can you outdo your performance on last year’s puzzle?



6. Association communicators are often faced with the challenge of having to sell ____ (i.e. ideas, sentiment and other abstract concepts).

8. Age ____ play a large role in determining your audience’s online habits.

9. In order to measure your conversion rate success, you must first specify a call-to-____.

10. ____ awareness is an indicator of how familiar audiences are with your organization.



1. ____ content is a smart and rewarding solution for marketers to curb creative burnout.

2. The “PESO” marketing model stands for “Paid, earned, social and ____”.

3. An ____ is a strategic blueprint for your digital communications strategy.

4. Don’t fall victim to a social media ____.

5. To really understand your ____, you’ve got to create detailed audience personas.

7. In order for your blog to rank higher on Google’s search results, you need an ____ strategy.


Need help? Check the blog posts linked in the clues.

Let us know how you did in the comments!









ANSWERS: (Across) 6. Intangibles; 8. Demographics; 9. Action; 10. Brand

(Down) 1. Repurposing; 2. Owned; 3. Editorial calendar; 4. Fail; 5. Target audience; 7. SEO

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