3 common content strategy questions and our answers to them

3 common content strategy questions and our answers to them

Heather MurrayRemember our post from last week that talked about the importance of having a killer content strategy? I bet some questions popped up for you after reading it.

Never fear! Communicatto’s Director of Content and Strategy, Heather Murray, is here to answer all of your content marketing queries. Or at least the top 3 questions she gets most frequently from clients.

Last week, Heather was interviewed by our friends at IABC/Calgary about her experiences creating kick-ass content strategies for clients. As is always the case, Heather’s responses are super insightful and worth a read:

Most of our work begins by asking one question: what does your audience want? Focus on what your audience needs to hear from you rather than what you want to say. 

You should also create content that has a human voice to it. This can be challenging in a corporate setting. To overcome it, try taking a story-telling approach. People tend to respond to emotionally persuasive articles told by other people. Does your content spark curiosity? Have a wow factor? Make you happy? 

Head over to the IABC/Calgary blog to check out the full interview!

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