3 things we learned about marketing from Ryan Reynolds

3 things we learned about marketing from Ryan Reynolds

Let’s face it; Ryan Reynolds is a marketing genius.

Whether you’re talking about his Mint Mobile commercial with Rick Moranis or his Peleton clap-back commercial for Aviation Gin, it’s hard not to admire the clever content that Reynolds consistently delivers.

But Reynolds is more than just the face of his marketing campaigns. As we learned in this AdWeek article, Reynolds also writes most of his own material.

Here are our top three takeaways from the article:

1. Small and nimble wins the race

Reynolds may be a big name, but he likes to keep a small and nimble shop. That’s the first thing that Ryan Reynolds and Communicatto have in common (oh yeah, we’re going to ride this for all it’s worth).

We’re a smaller shop, and we think that works to our advantage. Reynolds is right. Nothing stifles creativity quite like unnecessary bureaucracy.

And in today’s marketing landscape, if you’re not being creative, you’re not getting noticed — which is, you know, the point of marketing.

Ryan Reynolds' authentic appreciation for Aviation Gin is what made him get involved in their marketing.

2. Authenticity always triumphs

Reynolds says that one of the secrets to his first Deadpool movie’s success was working with a lean budget. Fewer resources forced them to fill his character out and make Deadpool more relatable. That was something that really clicked for audiences.

It’s easy to get caught up in flashy effects that look good. And don’t get us wrong, your marketing needs to look good.

But looking good isn’t enough. More important is connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

And nothing lends itself to connection quite like authentic ideas.

3. Timing is everything

Reynolds also tells the story about how he wrote and shot his now-infamous Peleton Wife commercial literally as the Peleton holiday scandal was unfolding.

He calls this practice “fastvertising.”

While we can’t all be that quick on the draw, one of the things we do strive for at Communicatto is timeliness.

Timing is a key part of Ryan Reynolds marketing success

When we’re cooking up creative ideas for an advertising campaign, we’re always scanning the current landscape to see what people are talking about. We try to ensure that whatever concepts we’re using consider those dynamics so that our marketing feels in step with current trends.

The best marketing feels like it’s inside your head, reading your thoughts and providing answers that you find valuable.

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