3 tips on using technology with a human touch for success in 2021

3 tips on using technology with a human touch for success in 2021

A lot of articles written about trends for digital marketing in 2021 focus on technology. Whether the author is extolling the virtues of voice integration or describing the amazing things you can do with AI, the latest and greatest technologies have captured people’s attention.

At Communicatto, we love technology too. But sometimes, it feels like the human elements of effective marketing get lost in the mix as soon as we get obsessed with the latest app.

Here are three tips on using technology with a human touch to be more successful in 2021.

1.) Use AI to optimize your work

There’s lots of buzz about how far AI has come. One of the best uses for AI is optimizing your work.

For example, AI can’t select the right pictures for use on your website. Only you know what sorts of images will connect with your audience and give them the experience you’re aiming for.

But once you’ve chosen those images, you can use a plugin to go through your site and optimize the images so that it loads as easily as possible.

Similarly, AI won’t tell you how to frame the content you’re posting on your social media channels engagingly. But it can tell you the best times to post that content.

2.) Automate the obvious so you can tackle the tricky

Along the same lines, spending time on things that could easily be automated by technology will maximize your efficiency and ensure your time is spent on the things that matter.

It doesn’t matter whether you spend the time manually importing newsletter contacts into something like Mailchimp or a tool like Zapier does it for you. So you might as well automate that piece of legwork.

That way, you can focus your attention on tasks where your input does matter, like coming up with an interesting edition of your newsletter, creating a strategy to launch a new product, or developing a new service that is in demand.

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3.) Technology can target, but only you can captivate

One of the fantastic things about technology is how much data it puts at your fingertips. You can discover more about the people who are interested in your organization than ever before:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Ethnic Background
  • Education
  • Profession
  • Interests

It’s a veritable treasure trove of information to which most of us didn’t have access before.

But what you do with that data is up to you. Technology can give you access to the information, but creating an insightful strategy out of it is still very much a human exercise.

To find out how to better use the technological tools available to achieve your organizational aspirations, give us a call!

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