4 tips to keep your digital marketing away from terrifying problems

4 tips to keep your digital marketing away from terrifying problems

How could we not do a Halloween themed blog post? Taking a pass on this opportunity would be frightfully irresponsible of us!

Holidays like Halloween are great for engagement and provide tons of fun content ideas. Whether you’re composing a terrifying tweet or a heart-pounding post, here are four tips to ensure your digital marketing doesn’t get too macabre.

Zombie content that is dull and lifeless will drive your followers away.

1. Don’t let your content turn into a zombie apocalypse

Coming up with fresh content can feel demanding. After all, good content takes work, and inspiration isn’t always readily available.

But your audience can almost always tell when you’re going through the motions. And nothing makes people run in the other direction faster than a feed full of lifeless posts plodding forward in search of brains to consume.

Don’t let your digital content become a zombie apocalypse. Not every single thing you post needs to be original content. But taking the time to find engaging information, even if it’s from other sources, will pay off in the long run.

Don't start digital accounts you later ghost on.

 2. Is your digital marketing haunted by ghost accounts?

Do you have social media account that resembles a haunted house because you haven’t done anything with it for weeks, months, or *gasp* years?

It might be fun to dress up as a ghost for Halloween. But ghosting on a digital platform you’re still promoting will damage your brand.

Remember, you don’t have to be active on every single platform. Figure out where your audience spends its time and focus on those places.

And take the time to create a digital strategy, even if it’s a small one on a short timeline, to make sure you’ll have the resources you need to keep posting.

Posting content at the time your audience is paying attention will help drive engagement

3. Werewolves might howl at the moon, but your audience probably doesn’t

Engaging content is important. But if no one ever sees it, then it only winds up sucking the blood out of your already busy schedule.

Part of engaging your audience is researching both what platforms they are active on and when they tend to be active. That way, you can plan to post the right content in the right place at the right time.

There are lots of tools out there to help you with timing your posts. We’re big fans of Sprout Social!

4. Don’t be the Mummy who’s completely wrapped up in yourself

Getting your message out there is important. But if your digital marketing always comes across as self-serving, you could find people unliking you faster than a vampire with garlic toast.

Keep the social in your social media by devoting some time to community-minded content.

Share someone else’s update and congratulate them. If you see information from someone else that your followers might find valuable, make sure they see it and add your own take.

You’ll be surprised much a little reciprocity can raise your online advertising from the dead.

Following these tips will help ensure your digital handiwork doesn’t become a headless horseman terrorizing the townspeople away from your website. And if you need a severed hand with pulling it all together, give us a SHRIEK!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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