4 ways to find your digital voice

4 ways to find your digital voice

In one of our blog posts from last week, we talked about using your digital voice to build a brand community. But what is your digital voice?

Having a voice for your organization is part of how you use digital platforms successfully. If your organization doesn’t have a well-defined digital voice, you may be wondering how to go about finding one.

Here are four tips for organizations trying to develop a dynamic digital voice.

Being authentic on social media is an important part of your digital voice

1. Be authentic

The first thing to bear in mind when developing your digital voice is that it needs to be authentic. Your voice shouldn’t feel manufactured or designed to present your organization in a way that isn’t an accurate reflection of who you are.

Your social media followers can spot inauthenticity from a mile away. So failing to be authentic can blow up in your face.

Not only can inauthenticity result in a less engaged audience and a loss of followers, but it can also damage the overall reputation of your brand. So remember: focus on being you.

2. Lead with your values

A good way to find your organization’s digital voice is to think about your values.

If you have a mission, vision, and values statement, that’s an excellent place to start. Take a look at your values and infuse those words into what you post to your digital channels.

If you don’t have one of those statements, look to your activities as an organization. Are there particular charities that you support? Does your team have a specific hobby they participate in together or topics they discuss?

All of these things speak to the culture of your organization, which is, in part, a function of your values.

Visualizing your digital voice is an important part of speaking to your social media followers

3. Find the right images

When we think of the word “voice,” we tend to focus on the words that we use. But having the right images paired with those words is a vital element in creating and communicating a compelling digital voice,

If you have a fun and quirky voice but present it with serious and somber images, things are going to seem disjointed. Alternatively, a very professional and authoritative voice that you set alongside folksy and informal images will be confusing.

Visualizing your voice is an integral part of speaking successfully to your social media followers.

4. Stand out from the crowd

Best practices and industry standards are essential for establishing legitimacy. But if you look and sound the same as your competitors, your audience doesn’t have a reason to take note.

Think about the unique expertise or experiences you bring to your work and make sure you reflect those things in your voice. Why do people like working or volunteering with you? What particular insights or value do you offer?

Make sure you play those particular qualities up in your voice.

At Communicatto, we’re all about helping you find your digital voice and use it well. Having a valuable voice is a crucial component in meaningful digital marketing.

If your organization wants to make sure you’ve got the right voice to reach your goals, give us a shout!

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