5 free digital marketing podcasts to check out while you #StayHome

5 free digital marketing podcasts to check out while you #StayHome


Podcasts have been around for years now, and they’ve grown into a beloved, mainstream form of entertainment and education. As of 2019, 32 per cent of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. There’s truly a podcast for every subject – and luckily for marketers and communicators, there happens to be a ton of great podcasts focused on transforming digital strategies. Plus, they’re all free, which is great news for any organization running on a tight marketing budget.

As the world navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic, podcasts are becoming even more popular – most of us have plenty of time on our hands while we practice social distancing, after all. Why not use your free time to find a new go-to podcast and learn a thing or two while you’re at it?

Here are 7 digital marketing podcasts that will help transform your digital strategy, no matter your budget:

1. Marketing Over Coffee

If you’re anything like us, you believe that every great marketing strategy begins with one essential tool: coffee. Marketing Over Coffee, which is recorded in an actual coffee shop, covers all the hot marketing topics, and its conversational, relaxed tone makes it a super fun listen. Plus, the lineup of guests is crazy – who doesn’t want to listen in on conversations between marketing legends?

2. Goal Digger

The Goal Digger Podcast, hosted by social media influencer Jenna Kutcher, is all about actionable marketing hacks, which is super useful for anyone who wants to get online engagement without having to invest a ton into their strategy. While it’s definitely geared towards #GirlBosses, Goal Digger contains nuggets of wisdom every marketer can put to use.


3. Nonprofit Optimist

Nonprofit workers wear many hats, kind of like Nonprofit Optimist, a podcast that covers marketing topics like social media management, branding and email marketing, while also offering up advice on other nonprofit-centric concerns, like gift programs and event planning. It’s perfect for every busy nonprofit marketer who also has a few other responsibilities on the side!


4. Socially Speaking

Communicatto’s own podcast! Every Monday, we’re breaking down our thoughts on current events – especially COVID-19 – and their effects on the digital marketing landscape. Take a listen and get to know members of team Communicatto: Doug Lacombe, founder and CEO, Heather Murray, Director of Content and Strategy, and Scott Payne, Director of Business Development.


5. She Podcasts

Want to start your own podcast? She Podcasts provides in-depth insight on everything you need to know, from setting up interviews to navigating sponsorship deals. Hosts Jessica Kupferman and Elsie Escobar’s advice for wannabe-podcasters is priceless – and since you’ve probably got a little extra time on your hands, now is the time to give podcasting a go.



During these uncertain times, planning for the future can be tricky – but it’s a great way to stay positive and learn about some valuable tricks and tools that may help you navigate current challenges. Discovering new digital marketing podcasts is one of life’s small joys – and the knowledge you’ll glean could be invaluable to your digital strategy.

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