5 must-know testimonial marketing tips

5 must-know testimonial marketing tips

Why is testimonial marketing so popular? It’s all about credibility and social proof. You can say your organization is great ‘til the cows come home – but what do your clients, members or customers have to say? According to Wyzowl, “nine out of 10 people trust what a customer says about a business more than what that business says about itself.”

If you’re having trouble convincing your target audience to answer your calls-to-action, a good testimonial could be a game-changer.

Below, we’re covering how to collect and share the most compelling testimonials!

Understand the basics of testimonial marketing:

Testimonial marketing tips infographic

Need some testimonial marketing inspiration? You’ve got to check out these examples:

1. The Copy Posse


Testimonial marketing screenshot from The Copy Posse

via copyposse.com

This testimonial from The Copy Posse leads with one big benefit of joining this copywriting program – and it definitely grabs attention!

2. Bench


Bench testimonial marketing example

via bench.co

Collecting testimonials that all centre around the same theme is a great way to show off your business’ worth. These testimonials from Bench (an accounting service) all relate back to one big, relatable source of stress: tax time. The headline at the top really seals the deal!

3. Calm


Calm meditation app testimonial marketing example

via LinkedIn

If you’re going to post testimonials on social media, make sure they’re eye-catching (like this one from Calm, a meditation app). Bonus points if you select a quote that kicks off conversations in the comments!

Looking to spruce up your website, social media, ads and more with incredible testimonials? It can be a big job. Reach out to us if you’re looking for a team of digital marketing pros to help you out!

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