5 steps to digital marketing excellence

5 steps to digital marketing excellence

Using social media to promote your company can sometimes feel like flying a tiny plane through the eye of a hurricane. You’d probably prefer a first-class ticket to digital marketing success, right? Forget economy class; here’s how to get upgraded.

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From economy digital marketing to first class in 5 easy steps:

  1. Conduct pre-flight planning, discovery and research. It’s the equivalent of de-icing the wings. Of course online protection of your brand is key. You need to secure your identity, develop online policies, and make sure your entire team is on board BEFORE you take off. A little prep on the tarmac can prevent big accidents later.
  1. Develop a flight plan. Each organization has different business needs and priorities. Crafting your strategy to meet these needs is key. “There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all social media channel,” says Communicatto’s managing editor, Kelly Ferrier. Understanding your goals beforehand prevents turning back mid-flight.
  1. Take off gently. “Going from theory to practice can be rough, so executing your digital strategy should always be a gradual process,” says Communicatto president and founder, Doug Lacombe. Taking some time to get your organization familiar with every step of the process should prevent any turbulence. By working closely as a team to slowly ramp up your online presence, the result is a “hands on, controlled takeoff,” Lacombe adds.
  1. Keep an eye on the instruments. You need to actively monitor and manage your social media accounts, a sort of air traffic control. Without measures, how will you reach your company’s goals and avoid turbulence? The crew needs to keep in constant contact to understand “what’s working and what’s not from a day-to-day perspective,” says Ferrier.
  1. Debrief after landing. Social media management is definitely no flight of fancy. “Digital tools can help when applied with intention,” says Lacombe. Use all the data available to uncover whether your content is really helping the business or not.


When you break it down, developing a digital strategy is much easier than catching a redeye, as long as you have a great and flexible plan. Avoid any pre-flight jitters by putting the right plan, crew and measures in place.

Flight crew – prepare for takeoff.

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