5 ways to boost your Instagram follower count right now

5 ways to boost your Instagram follower count right now

Is your target audience hanging out on Instagram? As the third most popular social media platform, the answer is probably!

If you’re trying to connect with your target audience online, Instagram is one of the best platforms available. The photo-sharing app is known for its ability to engage audiences in ways other social platforms just can’t match.

However, in order to engage with your audience base, you’ve got to build one first.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to rack up more followers, even for smaller brands. Keep reading our tips below and soon your follower count will reach an all-time high!

Instagram followers tips

1. Create a look and stick to it

With Instagram, every single one of your posts needs to play a role in the greater picture: your feed’s look. When people visit your profile, every post should have a consistent aesthetic: think colour palettes, subject matter, and even captions. Your followers chose to follow your account for a reason; don’t deviate too far from what drew them to you in the first place.

2. Promote your account on other platforms

Have any other social media accounts? Spread the word about your Instagram channel to your loyal followers – if they enjoy your content, they’ll be curious enough to check it out. Just make sure you’re posting unique content on your Insta – no need for a bunch of repeat photos!

Instagram hashtags

3. Use the right hashtags

Do a little hashtag research to discover the perfect hashtags for your brand. They should be popular hashtags with your target audience, but not completely oversaturated – the point is to get your content noticed, after all. Just ensure the hashtags you choose are totally relevant to your content, or be prepared to get ignored.

And while you’re at it, geotag your location when posting to your story. Most geo-locations have their own stories; your content could be featured in one of them. It’s an extra chance to get noticed by new potential followers!

4. Run a contest

Try running a giveaway! Just make sure entrants follow one important rule: they must give you a follow. A few of your new followers will likely unfollow once the contest is over, but there’s a chance that a good portion of them will stick around.

Also, make sure the prize you’re giving away is actually exciting – nothing’s more awkward than a giveaway with no entrants.


5. Try Instagram ads

Instagram ads have excellent targeting abilities, which is perfect if you have a solid understanding of the audience you want to reach. Set up the ad targets, select a great photo, write a compelling caption and then send it out into the world!

Instagram ads don’t have to be expensive, but they do a great job of helping you reach new followers. Keep an eye on your ad metrics – if you’re getting a whole lot of impressions and not much else, it’s time to optimize your campaign with a better photo, caption or targeting selections. And don’t forget, if you are going to run ads, community management is a must.

While the competition for Instagram followers is stiff, there are tons of effective hacks for connecting with new audience members. All it takes is a little ingenuity and a lot of great content!

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