5 website copywriting examples you’ve got to see

5 website copywriting examples you’ve got to see

Capturing your brand’s voice, drawing your audience in and creating compelling calls-to-action takes a lot of hard work. That’s why incredible website copywriting is essential in the digital age.

Getting your target audience’s attention is one thing, but convincing them to stick around requires super-skillful copy(among other things). If you know your website’s copy needs an upgrade but aren’t sure what you’re looking for, we can help.

Below, we’re sharing examples of excellent website copywriting that just might inspire your brand!

5 next-level website copywriting examples:

Ownr website screenshot copywriting example

Ownr website screenshot copywriting example



1. Ownr

These days, everyone wants to start their own side hustle. Enter RBC’s Ownr platform, which is designed to help new business owners cover all their bases. Their website’s copy is clean, reassuring and approachable – a direct reflection of the services they provide.

Of course, starting a business can be a big risk – and Ownr knows its target audience needs a little confidence boost. By providing social proof of their legitimacy (“Join Over 65,000 Businesses that Trust Ownr”), they quickly and efficiently put potential members at ease.

Scott's Cheap Flights website screenshot copywriting example

Scott's Cheap Flights website screenshot copywriting example


2. Scott’s Cheap Flights

While flying may or may not be on your agenda these days, there’s no denying the appeal of a cheap flight. Of course, flight deals can be tricky or even just plain annoying to track down. That’s why Scott’s Cheap Flights’ copywriting is so impressive – it makes finding a quick getaway feel super simple.

One of Canada’s favourite copywriters, Alex Cattoni of The Copy Posse, is all about H.O.T. headlines (Hook attention, Open a loop, Target your audience). Scott’s Cheap Flights definitely achieves that with this simple headline: “Never overpay for flights again.”

Immediately, visitors know exactly what Scott’s Cheap Flights is all about (in case the name doesn’t give it away). The benefits are clear as day. And most importantly, this headline is working overtime to hook new users.

Later website screenshot copywriting example


3. Later

Another important area copywriters must cover? Pain points. Every target audience has them, and they’re looking for solutions. Through your copy, you can prove you understand their struggles – and that you’ve got the tools to help.

Later accomplishes this with one simple line: “Plan a month’s worth of social media posts in minutes.”

Now that’s music to a social media manager’s (a.k.a. their audience’s) ears.

Always Pan website screenshot copywriting example


4. Always Pan

Copywriting and graphic design often go hand-in-hand. In this example, Our Place’s Insta-famous Always Pan uses both of these things to highlight the benefits of their ingenious product.

This pan was designed with busy, multitasking Millennials in mind – people who care as much about form as they do about function. So Our Place paired their copy with a visually-appealing graphic to highlight their pan’s features.

If good copywriting starts with in-depth target audience insights, Our Place hits the nail on the head.

Semrush website screenshot copywriting example


5. Semrush

We’ve already covered that addressing pain points and relaying benefits are copywriting must-haves. But so is conveying your brand’s personality! 

Semrush goes above and beyond with their benefits checklist. It’s to the point, but also a little weird and funny. Semrush is all about making something as complicated as SEO and digital marketing feel approachable – and their website’s copy is no different.

Copywriting is an art form and a science. If your website copy (or, really, anything about your website) needs help, reach out to us!

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