6 social media design trends taking over 2022

6 social media design trends taking over 2022

Looking to upgrade your social media aesthetic this year? It’s important to audit your visual brand regularly – social media design trends change quickly. Your social media content should reflect your brand’s personality and story. But integrating current trends into your aesthetic can be a fun way to switch things up.

After all, social media is all about staying on trend. If your aesthetic is out of date, it could imply that your brand isn’t exactly relevant. And who wants that?

If you’re ready for a whole new look on your social media feeds or just looking for some inspiration to freshen up your aesthetic, check out these six design trends:

6 social media design trends of 2022 that can’t be ignored:



Omsom Instagram post screen shot

1. Neon

Minimalism and white space are on their way out – and maximalism is taking over. Over-the-top, neon and ‘70s-inspired designs are having a moment. After all, the last few years have been rough. This design trend speaks to our collective desire to just have some fun by any means possible.

Screenshot of Holisticism Instagram post

2. Fun fonts

Minimalist fonts are also no longer the standard. While they certainly still have a place in design – legibility will always be crucial – more brands are experimenting with unexpected fonts. It’s a simple way to stand out on social media, and can add a huge dose of personality to even the simplest of designs.

Screenshot of Olivia Rodrigo Instagram post

3. Y2K

Believe it or not, we’ve been living in the “new millennium” for over 20 years – and nostalgia is kicking in. The ‘90s have been trending in design for a while, but focus is now shifting to the early ‘00s. Think bright pinks and blues along with cyberculture (and, most unfortunately, skinny eyebrows). When it comes to this trend, don’t be afraid to get a little tacky – as long as it doesn’t clash with your brand. 

Screenshot of Ariana Grande Instagram post

4. Photo dumps

Overly-curated Instagram feeds are starting to feel a little outdated, thanks to the photo dump trend. Instagram users are very into carousel posts full of unedited, off-the-cuff images. It’s a quick and easy way to show off what your company has been up to lately. Don’t overthink it; just have fun! Although if you can come up with a better term than “photo dump”, we’re all ears.

Screenshot from Barton Peveril Graphics Instagram post

5. Brutalism

As Diana Malewicz (co-founder of Hype4), describes it, “Brutalism embraces flat design, strong outlines, contrasting colors, bold typography and real/life photography. However, this new iteration of Brutalism forgoes one of its main defining factors – the seemingly absent grid.”

While this design trend isn’t for everyone, it’s undeniably fascinating. Breaking design “rules” is the theme of 2022, and this new take on the Brutalism trend certainly fits the bill. 

Screenshot of good for u pod Instagram post

6. Texture

When it comes to photo filters, grit and graininess are the look du jour. Blurry photos are even on trend! While this might not work for businesses with a more formal, corporate look, smaller businesses might enjoy this rejection of “perfection”. These days, it’s okay to get a little messy on social media – as long as you don’t alienate your target audience.

What are your favourite design trends of 2022? Let us know in the comments!

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