6 tricks to fuel up your volunteer recruitment strategy in 2020!

6 tricks to fuel up your volunteer recruitment strategy in 2020!

Converting target audiences is a big challenge for all organizations – but if your nonprofit is targeting volunteers, you’ve really got your work cut out for you. After all, convincing people to work for little or no compensation is a big ask! That’s why you need to bring your volunteer recruitment strategy into the digital realm.

These days, there are endless ways to find volunteers – but some are better than others. Step one: Create a seamless digital brand for your nonprofit that’s sure to entice volunteers. Step two: Keep reading to discover the best tricks for connecting with volunteers online.

1. Get social

On social media, it’s easy to show off the fun and rewarding experiences had by your organization’s volunteers. Post in real-time via Instagram stories, or create a LinkedIn post showing off some of your best volunteer photos. The idea is to occasionally remind your audience why they should volunteer for you, and what they’ll get out of the experience.

Give your social media efforts an extra boost by having a micro-influencer vouch for your organization, and try posting recruitment messages in local, relevant Facebook groups that align with potential volunteers’ interests. It might help to create target audience personas for your ideal volunteers.

2. Do a contest

Giveaways and contests are huge in today’s digital landscape. If you don’t have a great prize on hand, try teaming up with a local business – chances are, you’ll be able to find someone who’ll donate a prize. Then, grab volunteers’ attention by advertising the contest on your Instagram, YouTube channel or even via email. Let everyone know that all active volunteers will be entered into the prize draw! 

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3. Up your email game

The best way to recruit – and maintain – your volunteers is by staying in touch. Add a volunteer section to your e-newsletters to easily keep your subscribers up-to-date on all your recruitment needs. It’s also a great way to show a little volunteer appreciation on a regular basis.

4. Try a recruitment website

There are tons of volunteer recruitment sites out there, like VolunteerMatch, that pair up volunteers with nonprofits who align with their interests. You can also give ivolunteer.com or idealist a try.

5. Update your own website

Make it easy for potential recruits to find out more about your volunteering program by including everything on your website. Make a specific page just for volunteer information, list your nonprofit’s volunteer opportunities and provide a signup form. You could even include a FAQ section – the less confusion, the more likely people will be to sign up.

6. Do a cross-promotion

There are tons of cross-promotion opportunities available for nonprofits – you’ve just got to build up your network. Reach out to organizations in your area, ask if they’re interested in doing a social media or e-blast promotion for your volunteer program, and offer to promote something of theirs in return. Make it as easy as possible by writing the copy ahead of time, and don’t forget to provide a photo. Chances are, the organizations you connect with will have a pool of volunteers who’ll also be interested in helping out your nonprofit!


The right volunteers could be a gamechanger for your nonprofit – and finding them isn’t so hard once you’ve got the proper tools. Let us know your volunteer recruitment hacks in the comments!

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