7 creative ways to refresh your content strategy

7 creative ways to refresh your content strategy

Trying to reach new audience members, or just feeling uninspired by your current content mix? Sounds like you need to refresh your content strategy. No matter your motivation, trying out new kinds of content can open doors for your brand. And it happens to be a lot of fun too.

So if you’re feeling inspired to try something new but don’t know where to start, check out our video for content strategy ideas.

How to refresh your content strategy (and have fun doing it):

Luckily, we love content marketing – and we’ve got tips and tricks for all kinds of content!

1. Publish videos:


2. Design beautiful infographics


3. Refresh your content strategy with weekly blog posts


4. Give podcasting a try


5. Send out incredible email newsletters


6. Design an online course


7. Join a new social platform (if it aligns with your target audience)


We hope these content marketing tips help! But if your content strategy needs a total overhaul, get in touch with us!

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