8 digital marketing quotes to inspire your 2022 strategy

8 digital marketing quotes to inspire your 2022 strategy

It’s no secret that people love a good quote. They’re (usually) helpful, memorable and thanks to the powers of Google, you can find a quote about any subject. And that’s especially true for digital marketing quotes.

There is tons of incredible digital marketing advice out there – probably too much. So we made things easy for you by hunting down eight digital marketing quotes that could revolutionize your 2022 strategy.

8 digital marketing quotes for 2022:


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Not all social media engagement is created equal. Likes can show that your content is on the right track. But shares, comments and clicks indicate that you’re really compelling your audience to take action while building their trust. This type of engagement requires a lot of target audience research, metrics analysis, strategic timing and trend watching. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

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Many brands forget that their content shouldn’t be all about them. It should be about their audiences too! The next time you’re crafting a tweet or writing a blog post, think about your target audience’s needs, wants and pain points. How can your services help them? What kind of solutions do you offer? Figure out the answers to these questions, then craft content around them.

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Does your social media strategy create a conversation, or is it totally one-sided? Your socials shouldn’t just serve as soapboxes – you need to listen to your audience’s feedback and craft thoughtful responses. After all, the more you connect with your audience, the better that all-important engagement rate will be. If you want to stand out online, you’ve got to create solid relationships with your followers. 

Plus, audience feedback and questions can inspire some pretty incredible content ideas too.

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While inbox fatigue has played a big role in the work-from-home era, email marketing continues to thrive nonetheless. Email allows digital marketers to connect with their subscribers in a direct, personalized and targeted manner. No wonder so many businesses are investing more than ever in email.

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Whether you’re creating digital ad campaigns, upgrading your website or coming up with a content calendar, never forget your brand’s story. A good story gives your audience something to connect with; it builds brand loyalty. But if you don’t have a grasp on your brand’s story yet, 2022 is the year to make it happen!

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What are your content pillars? This year, it might be time to refocus on them – or even rethink them. Your brand’s values should absolutely serve as one of your content pillars. Many great digital assets can stem from those values, creating that all-important sense of authenticity online audiences look for.

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While this tip might not be right for every brand, memes are a fun way to add personality to your social media feed. As long as your memes are relevant to your target audience, they could be a great way to shake up your social media content.

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Social media management is a big job – and for many organizations, it’s a team effort. If you’d like to add social media pros to your team in 2022, contact us! We’d love to answer all your questions about our social media services!

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