Are you using social media to recruit new talent?

Are you using social media to recruit new talent?

Social MediaThe global pandemic has turned things on their head for a lot of businesses. We’ve all had to rethink how we do things we used to take for granted.

While going through this kind of change can be challenging, it also presents us with new opportunities. And sometimes a disruption like COVID-19 provides just the kick in the pants we need to take advantage of those opportunities.

Social media recruitment

So here’s a question for you: have you ever thought of recruiting new talent for your business on social media?

No, we don’t just mean posting a job on LinkedIn. We mean developing a social media strategy with specific tactics for finding talented candidates. An increasing number of companies are turning to social media to meet their recruitment needs and snapping up the best people in the process!

Recently, we came across this article on the topic from that we thought was worth sharing:

In 2011, 56% of companies used social media for recruitment. In 2016, that number was up to 84%. That’s a huge jump in just five years.

And that trend is set to continue.

Companies have come to realize that social media recruiting gets them great candidates. Organizations can no longer ignore social media as a source of talent.

Whether it’s posting jobs on LinkedIn or reaching out to passive candidates on Twitter, recruiters and talent managers have a huge opportunity.

They can pursue the best talent available via social media or they can continue using the same methods they’ve used in the past. Methods that are slower, more costly, and give less insight into whether a candidate will be a great fit at the company.

Let’s take a look at social media recruiting, why companies are doing it, why it’s important, and how you can do it better.

It’s worth your time to read the whole article.

We can help

Communicatto has developed a number of successful social media recruitment campaigns for clients. So once you’re done reading, we can help you come up with a rocket-fueled recruitment strategy!

We’re always ready to help meet your business needs and assist you in being as successful as possible. Drop us a line!

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