Awe-inspiring audio: are you an audio content expert?

Awe-inspiring audio: are you an audio content expert?

Do you think audio content went out with the radio? Think again. Audio recordings such as interviews, podcasts and audiobooks are back in a huge way and people are eating them up.

From popular series such as Serial to Stuff You Should Know, audiences have rediscovered the simple pleasure of listening. Audio is easily accessible online and allows for multitasking in ways that text and video content do not – it’s perfect for busy lifestyles.

If you want to use audio storytelling to enhance your blog, you’ve got to understand the medium first. We’ve created a quiz to test out your audio skills.

Are you an audio content pro?


What effect does audio have on listeners’ brains? The Atlantic breaks it down.

Want to use audio to connect with your audience? Check out SoundCloud to get started.

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