Automate your business with web forms

Automate your business with web forms

According to HubSpot, 1.66 billion people worldwide shopped online last year. This means that you used a web form whether you knew it or not.

HubSpot defines a web form as a place where users enter personal data information that’s sent to a server for processing. The most common example is when users input their name and email address on your website’s contact form or sign up for your newsletter.

Web forms are a key digital marketing tool because you can easily and efficiently do things like offer content downloads or collect blog subscribers all while gathering a wealth of information about your customers. The goal? Develop an effective and automated web form strategy that saves you time and manual labour.


At Communicatto, there are two platforms in particular that we love for their ability to easily connect and automate your web form processes:

Introducing Jotform

Jotform is a full-featured online form builder that makes it easy to create robust forms and collect important data. Used by over 15M users worldwide, such as non-profits, educational institutions, small businesses, and enterprises, Jotform is a gateway to gather better information to power your business.

Why we love Jotform: There’s no coding required, you can build your form in minutes, integrate it with business apps and collect form fills seamlessly.

Say hi to Zapier

Zapier automates your work across 4,000+ apps. For example, if a lead comes through on your Jotform web form, there are likely things you want to have happen automatically, like sending an email to your team, adding the new contact to an email list and sending them an automated email series. That’s where Zapier can automate your entire process and create a seamless workflow that lets you focus on showing your new contacts some love.

Why we love Zapier: There’s also no coding required, and you can eliminate manual tasks to save time and reduce human error.

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So now that you know the tools, what are some of the ways you can use Jotform and Zapier in your web form strategy? Here’s a list of how we use them at Communicatto:

  • Capturing information from your web form and sending it to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
  • Newsletter signups with follow-up drip campaigns (pre-written set of messages that are sent to customers over time).
  • Automating expense claims.
  • Paid time off requests.
  • Lead generation ads and lead routing.
  • Meeting set-up, confirmation and reminders using automated email.
  • Membership renewals and payments.
  • Hiring (application screening and application forms).

If you’re in the market for a new web form and want to automate the process, look no further and give Jotform and Zapier a try. Still need support? At Communicatto, we can help you make your web form strategy come to life. Give us a call now.

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