Becoming the conversion captain of your organization

Becoming the conversion captain of your organization

A lot of people think that digital marketing is all about attracting eyeballs. If you can just get enough people to see your ad or your picture, video, or tweet, then all your marketing dreams will come true!

And, of course, attracting eyeballs is important. You can’t engage people if they don’t know you exist. But taking people down your engagement/sales funnel to turn eyeballs into actual business requires more than just getting their attention.

In our November 4 Communicatto Academy course on creating an effective digital strategy, our Dean of Digital (aka Communicatto’s President) Doug Lacombe talked about conversion rate optimization. Check out the video we took (with subtitles for our soundless fans) to hear/see what he had to say!


Would you like to talk to Doug further about how to better optimize your conversion rates or fine tune your digital strategy? Fill out our contact form and someone from Communicatto will give you a shout!

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