Big news for nonprofits care of Google

Big news for nonprofits care of Google

Google for Nonprofits sign upGetting back up to cruising altitude

We’re all faced with challenges right now. But everyone also has to get back up to cruising altitude. There’s important work that needs to be done, especially for nonprofits.

To help out, Google has released some welcome news specifically aimed at those not-for-profit organizations:

With the spread of coronavirus, nonprofits need access to tools to help them work remotely and raise awareness online. To serve the unique needs of the non-profit community, the Google for Nonprofits team is expanding the program to new countries and offering discounts for nonprofits who use G Suite Business and Enterprise editions.

Google for Nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits offers organizations a unique opportunity to access Google’s tools as part of their work. Google’s announcement ramps that offering up:

Non-profits can activate G Suite for Nonprofits at no cost and collaborate online with apps like Gmail, Docs, and Calendar. In addition, advanced features of Google Meet are available to all editions of G Suite through September 30, 2020. To help organizations raise awareness online, the Ad Grants Crisis Response Program is extending Ad Grants, up to $10,000 worth of text-based Search ads at no cost, in these countries through October 2020. The YouTube Nonprofit Program and Google Earth and Maps also offer nonprofits storytelling tools to amplify their cause.

If you’re interested in Google Grants, you can check out the video we created about the program below.

Communicatto has experience in Google’s application process. We can also help manage your ads if you’re approved. You’ll want to maximize the impact of your new resources.

G Suite advanced features

Google is also offering discounts on its advanced features:

Many nonprofits are learning how to transition their staff and programs to online-only formats, and with that comes challenges around cloud storage, security and virtual collaboration. To give nonprofits access to G Suite’s advanced features, we’re launching nonprofit discounts globally for G Suite Business ($4 per user per month, normally offered at $12) and G Suite Enterprise ($8 per user per month, normally offered at $25). As always, G Suite for Nonprofits will continue to be offered at no charge.

We’ve used a number of these features at Communicatto. As a matter of fact, our next Socially Speaking will focus on using video meetings (we recently switched to using Google Meet).

We’re here to help if you need some support getting back “in the air”.

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