Blogging in 2018: Are you on trend or behind the times?

Blogging in 2018: Are you on trend or behind the times?

Do you have a company blog? If so, you’ve likely been plagued with those fundamental questions every communicator has had.

How long should it be? How much time should I spend writing it? Is anyone even paying attention? How can I make it better?

These gnawing questions keep organizations from even trying to blog, which is a big mistake. If you neglect your blog or are unaware of current best practices, it can appear as if you don’t want to be friends – and that’s just mean!

In order to develop and maintain your relationship with your audience, a blog is key. It’s a place where your audience can get a sense of your “WHY” and connect with your organization’s values in a deeper way.

Of course, writing a blog post just for the sake of getting something published each week sounds and feels like torture. Every post should be written with a real outcome in mind. Whether it’s improving your SEO performance or building an army of loyal customers, persuasive and interesting content can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Backed by tons of current data recently released on Codeless, this week’s quiz uncovers the best blogging practices across multiple industries. Check out the research and then test your knowledge to find out how your blog stacks up.

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