Your blog shouldn’t read like a corporate memo

Your blog shouldn’t read like a corporate memo

Blogs are meant to be engaging – in this busy world, no one’s wasting their time reading boring blog posts. While there are tons of methods for maintaining your readers’ interest – think subheadings, lists and multimedia – your blogging style has to lay the foundation first. All of the tricks in the world can’t fix boring writing.

But try explaining that to your boss.

For leaders who are accustomed to industry jargon and other forms of “corporate speak”, adjusting to the laidback language of blogging can present a huge challenge. It doesn’t take long for a masterfully-written post to become a dull and dreary shell of its former self once “corporate” gets its hands on it.

How can you convince your higher-ups that casual and accessible is the best blogging style? Check out our infographic below for our tips and tricks.

Get your boss on board with your blogging style:

blogging style

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