Blogging basics: the truth about tone

Blogging basics: the truth about tone

This week we start our ‘Blogging basics’ series – a look at everything you need to know to take on the role of online publisher.

Blogging provides countless opportunities for businesses – but only if it’s done in alignment with your digital strategy and according to blogging best practices. And that starts with establishing your digital voice. You’ve got to make sure you find a tone that both represents your business and strikes a chord with your target audience.

Buffer, a social media management service, says your blog’s tone helps to “put a face onto your brand, and let a real personality shine through. People often want connection, not information.”

Tone, essentially, is a representation of who you are as a brand. Do you know how to translate your business’ personality to your blog, or are you a little tone deaf? Take our quiz below to find out.

Do you know how to perfect your blog’s tone?

Improve your blog's tone quiz

To further increase your blogging know-how, check out the weird web words of blogging.

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Next week in this ‘Blogging basics’ series we’ll take a look at how to write for the web.

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