A last-minute guide to integrating Canada 150 into your digital strategy

A last-minute guide to integrating Canada 150 into your digital strategy

It’s official, folks: 2017 is almost halfway over. Believe it or not, Canada Day is just around the corner, bringing major branding opportunities for Canadian businesses along with it.

Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday and brands are eagerly jumping on board to incorporate this momentous occasion into their digital strategy. After all, we Canadians know how to create some memorable social media campaigns (not that we’d ever brag about it, of course).

If you’ve been caught off-guard by the rapidly approaching sesquicentennial celebration, there’s no need to panic. Don’t let this special occasion pass your business by – you’ve still got time to come up with a Canada 150 game plan.

Canada 150

5 last minute Canada 150 branding ideas:


  1. Get creative with multimedia. Social media users can’t resist multimedia. Try creating Canadian memes, videos, podcasts and infographics – this will help get your content noticed and boost engagement. Canada 150 is a hot topic – use it to shake up your multimedia game.


  1. Write a blog post. Why not beef up your blog’s editorial calendar with a Canada 150 post? No matter what kind of spin you put on the subject, this once-in-a-lifetime event is sure to provide inspiration for your next blogging venture.


  1. Crowdsource content. Crowdsourcing is the process of getting work, content or even just ideas from your “crowd” or community. Reach out to your followers to get inspiration for a blog or social media post – request quotes, memes or other Canada-inspired content. You can even set up a contest to encourage participation. Crowdsourcing is a great way to engage your online community and build up anticipation for Canada 150.


  1. Live-tweet a local event. Across the country, tons of great events will be held in honour of our country’s birthday – and these events present excellent live-tweeting opportunities. Give your followers a glimpse into your community’s Canada Day celebration – share photos and videos of the day’s events. Send out a few great quotes from participants, performers and event sponsors – and don’t forget to include their Twitter handles in your tweets.


  1. Use the hashtag. If all else fails, simply posting a relevant tweet using the #Canada150 hashtag will help you get in on the conversation and find an audience. The government even launched a custom emoji to go along with the hashtag! Chances are high that #Canada150 will be trending on July 1 – what a great opportunity to boost your reach!


While creating a major Canada 150 campaign may be unrealistic at this point, there are many simple but effective ways to incorporate this branding opportunity into your digital strategy. No matter which route you take, we hope you have a great Canada Day!

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