In case you missed it: The communications evolution video

In case you missed it: The communications evolution video

On October 20, Communicatto hosted The Communications Evolution webinar to help communicators navigate the tricky, changing world of digital media.

Doug Lacombe, Communicatto’s president and founder, used his digital marketing expertise in order to host the information-packed webinar. During the presentation, Doug explained how communicators can update their digital toolkits to get the most out of their online strategies. Doug also explored topics such as SEO, social media policies and maintaining digital strategies even when disaster strikes – all things that today’s communicators must know.

If you missed the live event (or need a refresher), we’ve uploaded a video of the webinar so you can get the inside scoop on the evolution of digital communications, too.

The Communications Evolution webinar:

We hope you enjoy The Communications Evolution! For more information on the webinar and other Communicatto presentations, go to

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