Communicatto Academy launches with a sonic boom!

Communicatto Academy launches with a sonic boom!

On Monday, November 4, we officially launched Communicatto Academy. And we don’t want to toot our own horn too loudly… but it was a raging success!

Despite an unhelpful downfall of white, fluffy, traffic congestion from Mother Nature (seriously Calgarians, it snows every year, why do we forget how to drive in this stuff every time?!), we had a packed room of excited and engaged communicators learning how to elevate their digital strategies so that they take off and fly.

Don’t believe us? Here, look for yourself:

A full room of Calgary communicators learning how to elevate their digital marketing strategies with Doug Lacombe at Communicatto Academy. It was a fun morning in the Global Business Centre’s Terrace View Room — big shout out to Calgary Economic Development for letting us use their space!

Our students were ready to roll with tons of great questions and queries. They took full advantage of the opportunity to pick Communicatto President, Doug Lacombe’s brain on all things digital.

Sad you couldn’t make it? Don’t worry! We’ve got a bunch of courses planned for 2020 that we’ll be announcing shortly.

In the mean time, we’re happy to share Doug’s presentation with you:


But the magic really is hearing Doug provide the context to these slides. As Mary Ann Kenney put it,

I thought the session was excellent — insightful, funny, thought provoking and chock full of the strategies and tactics you need to know to build a social media plan that works for you. I leaned a ton, and am looking forward to future sessions.

If you’d like the chance to hear Doug talk about everything you need to build a kick butt digital strategy, keep an eye out for our 2020 Communicatto Academy courses.

Or drop us a line to talk about the customized training and strategy sessions Communicatto offers. We’d love to hear from you!


  1. Sandra Falconi

    • Reply

    I agree with Mary Ann – the session provided practical tips and advice on building a social media plan. As importantly the presenter was both knowledgeable and entertaining. I will definitely be watching for future sessions.

  2. Scott Payne

    • Reply

    Thanks Sandra. It was great to have you at the seminar!

  3. Vincent St. Pierre

    • Reply

    One of the biggest struggles I have had has been with digital communication has been showcasing just what digital communication is. It’s big – and it is part of every marketing push, communications exercise, or an organization’s way to build a relationship with its customers or supporters.

    It’s not just being on platforms: it’s a method and means to which people can engage. Fundamentally, it’s about people.

    It’s why I appreciated being able to join Doug Lacombe and Scott Payne for the launch of their group’s latest project: Communicatto Academy (at this link you can actually spot yours truly in the background and the slidedeck the pair created for their presentation). As a person who enjoys being in the digital space it was good to hear from them the way they address the latest trends and challenges, and the tools they’re using for clients across North America.

    Anyways, if you’re interested in more of my takeaways from the session, give my blog a read. The post in question is over here:

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