Stuck in a content echo chamber? We can help with that

Stuck in a content echo chamber? We can help with that

Ever notice how the same kind of content shows up again and again in your social media feeds? You like one cat video; suddenly, your entire timeline is filled with all things feline.

Welcome to the content echo chamber.

While getting stuck in an endless loop of cat videos isn’t necessarily a bad thing, an echo chamber can become problematic if its content is socio-politically charged – it’s hard to have a balanced outlook when you’re constantly inundated with content that “backs up” your opinions.

Whether or not that content is even factual is another story entirely.

While echo chambers can be comforting – who among us doesn’t like having their biases constantly reaffirmed? – they ultimately add to the growing divide in society. When we see the same divisive headlines day in and day out, it’s hard to remain open minded. So what’s the solution here?

As always, real knowledge is power. Take our quiz below to test your echo chamber know-how.

Take our echo chamber quiz:

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