Should you invest in conversion or in traffic? Here’s our answer.

Should you invest in conversion or in traffic? Here’s our answer.

It’s not uncommon for organizations to focus all their digital efforts on acquiring more traffic. The logic goes something like: the more visitors, the better – right?

In reality, website traffic can be a misleading metric; it lends itself to shortsightedness. Sure, you could blow your budget on acquiring web traffic – but if that traffic doesn’t help you achieve your overall objectives, your investment is wasted.

Once you get past the excitement of racking up visits on your website, you can focus on acquiring visitors who are more likely to convert. By getting those visitors to complete actions that further your objectives (like download your white paper or register for your event), your conversion rate will go up and you’ll achieve real, measurable success.

In case you’re still not convinced, our infographic below illustrates the difference between investing in traffic versus investing in conversion.

Conversion vs traffic:

conversion vs traffic



  1. Jeff Nelson

    • Reply

    It’s the same. You can double the traffic or double the conversation Rate. Same result.
    Traffic Conversation Rate Conversions
    1000 ×0.05 =50
    2000 ×0.05 =100
    1000 ×0.1 =100

    1. Doug Lacombe

      • Reply

      Mathematically speaking, that’s absolutely correct, Jeff! Of course the nuance here is that sometimes you may be happy with your qualified traffic and therefore simply want to increase conversions, whereas other times you may not feel the traffic you are pulling in is “qualified” and thus you need to fix your traffic problem before working on conversions. They do go hand in hand.

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