Deciphering digital advertising

Deciphering digital advertising

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d like to do some digital advertising on Facebook.” There are lots of reasons you may want to run some ads on Facebook, not the least of which is that at last count, there were 2.7 billion active monthly users.

So you follow the instructions that Facebook gives you, wind up in Facebook Ads Manager, and promptly think to yourself. “What the hell is this, and what am I supposed to do with it?”

Don’t worry, that’s pretty much everyone’s reaction.

A screen showing digital advertising performance

Digital advertising has gotten complex. Even the way we define and measure advertising on social media has gotten confusing.

That’s why Communicatto President Doug Lacombe joined our friend Doug Downs on his podcast Stories and Strategies to go through the ins and outs of online advertising. From impressions to engagement to conversions, Doug and Doug provide a series of straightforward and easy to understand explanations.

Here’s an example.

In response to a question about whether there is a tendency to overdo it with digital advertising, Doug (Lacombe) said:

“As a communicator, I think it’s our duty to be respectful of the media mix. So in laypersons’ terms, I’ll often say, ‘Look, if what it’s going to take is a hardhat, sticker, and a poster in the lunchroom, then do that and don’t buy a frigging Facebook ad. As humans, we all get caught up in the shiny thing and get convinced by the impressions and all that. But the fact of the matter is: try some different mediums, try a mix, figure out which ones suck and which ones work, and get your audience to do, learn, say, or act in the way that you want, and then go with that.” 

That’s our Doug — straight to the point. You can listen to the whole episode (with two Dougs for the price of one) by clicking here!

And if you’d like some assistance putting together digital advertising that does what you need it to do, drop us a line. The Team at Communicatto is here to help!

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