Developing data-driven digital advertising for success in 2021

Developing data-driven digital advertising for success in 2021

As we get closer to 2021, it’s clear that digital advertising is more important than ever.

A recent article from Smart Brief looking at four major digital marketing trends in 2021 noted that the global pandemic has permanently altered people’s behaviour. And that means most digital transformations, including a shift to digital marketing, are here to stay.

Coronavirus has forced brands to adopt digital channels for product and service delivery as well as marketing. “Digital transformation” has become a popular buzzword since March 2020, and companies of all sizes are investing significant dollars in the migration to digital platforms, including e-commerce, chatbots, email, apps, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, omnichannel marketing, and augmented and virtual reality. Brands that embrace evolving technologies to create a more seamless customer experience will be in a leadership position post-pandemic.

If your 2021 marketing plans don’t include a heavy dose of digital advertising, you’re likely to miss out on some important opportunities. Further, making sure your digital advertising is informed by relevant data will help you to take advantage of as many of those opportunities as possible.

To give you a hand leveraging those leads, we put together a quick infographic with tips on developing data-driven digital advertising.

Developing data-driven digital advertising for success in 2021.

If you’d like a hand setting up awesome advertising on the right digital channels in 2021, drop us a line. Communicatto can help set your organization up for success!

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