Digital 101: How to double your marketing campaign success

Digital 101: How to double your marketing campaign success

Imagine you’re presenting your next awesome marketing campaign to your CEO. You both agree digital marketing has re-shaped the way marketing is done, but you still have to convince the CFO.

Gone are the days when integrating multiple digital tactics in a marketing campaign was completely foreign. Omnichannel campaigns are now the new normal, and can be a strategic way to optimize budget spend.

Here’s a secret from our digital marketing experts; Blending tactics like email marketing and social media is critical if you’re looking for rapid results with better ROI and engagement.

Matter Solutions notes, “Today, there is an abundance of touch-points marketers can use to reach out to their audience and it would be a shame not to capitalize on that potential. Multichannel marketing allows you to deliver your messages to audiences across various channels in the way they prefer it.” 

If you really want to double your campaign success and get your CFO on your side, quantify the benefits of combining email marketing and social media!

The folks at Campaign Monitor have created an engaging infographic (below) about how to combine these two tactics. All the tips, benefits and stats are revealed to help you turbocharge your next marketing campaign. 

Still feeling a roadblock preventing you from meeting your business objectives? Get in touch with us – we’d love to handle your next campaign from start to finish.

To see the full infographic from Campaign Monitor, click image:

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