Digital marketing crossword challenge – put your knowledge to the test

Digital marketing crossword challenge – put your knowledge to the test

As the year winds down, it’s time to take a look back and appreciate what you’ve learned throughout 2016. What lessons are you taking with you into the New Year?

With each passing year, we all become a little stronger and wiser – right? In the spirit of learning, we figured it’s the perfect time to test your digital media wisdom, crossword style. From the hints listed below, can you fill out the entire crossword?

Digital marketing crossword challenge:

digital marketing crossword


3. A popular online search engine

5. A chart or image used to represent data

7. The rate at which website visitors complete actions that align with your website’s objectives

8. The process of increasing your website’s prominence in unpaid search engine results

9. The specific demographic you’re trying to reach

10. A social media platform that connects you with followers, 140 characters at a time



1. Websites and platforms created for sharing content and building a social network

2. A measurement of data that represents the performance of your website

4. A regularly updated webpage written in a conversational style

6. The process of creating and sharing online content in order to attract an audience


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Digital marketing crossword answers: (Across) 3.Google, 5.Infographic, 7.Conversion rate, 8.SEO, 9.Target audience, 10.Twitter; (Down) 1.Social media, 2.Metric, 4.Blog, 6.Content marketing

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