Does digital media help or hurt your investor relations strategy?

Does digital media help or hurt your investor relations strategy?

This post is part of our ‘Do you need digital media?’ series – an exploration of how digital media can help you meet your organization’s goals. 

It’s no secret that investor relations (IR) can be extremely tricky to navigate. Cultivating a positive opinion of your company in investors’ eyes isn’t an easy task. So what tools do IR specialists use to achieve this feat? While many different techniques play a role in managing investors’ expectations, digital media has become highly influential.

LinkedIn and Greenwich Associates state, “Nearly all Institutional Investors use digital media sources for their roles (97%).”

They add that 31% of investors use social media to “make an investment recommendation or decision.”

In fact, a single tweet can sometimes cause huge waves in investor relations. For example, Visual Capitalist reports that, “The stock price of Tesla Motors skyrocketed 3% on Elon Musk’s tweet to his 1.8 million followers that a ‘major new product line’ would be unveiled.”

Do you know how to harness the powers of digital media for use in your IR strategy? We’ve crafted a quiz to test your knowledge.

How much do you know about digital media and investor relations?

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LinkedIn and Greenwich Associates’ SlideShare presentation sums up how investors use social media to get ahead:

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