Digital media: the political positioning powerhouse for organizations

Digital media: the political positioning powerhouse for organizations

This post is part of our ‘Do you need digital media?’ series – an exploration of how digital media can help you meet your organization’s goals.

Digital media has clearly made an impact on some of the biggest political events of recent years. From possibly predicting the outcome of Canada’s latest federal election, to documenting the online battle for the White House, it’s clear that online content is a reflection of the current political climate.

However, you don’t need to be a political front-runner in order to use digital media for political positioning. Organizations also have the opportunity to participate in relevant conversations of political consequence through digital platforms.

So how exactly can organizations use digital media to influence voters, connect with politicians and, ultimately, ensure that issues related to their business work their way up the chain of command? Our infographic below showcases how organizations can use digital media to their political advantage.

How digital media impacts political positioning:

Digital media political positioning

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