A rep to uphold: how digital media factors into reputation management

A rep to uphold: how digital media factors into reputation management

This post is part of our ‘Do you need digital media?’ series – an exploration of how digital media can help you meet your organization’s goals.

There’s a lot of confusion regarding the need for digital media in business. If you’re not actually selling a product or service, do you really need to maintain an online presence? If you’re not trying to lure in customers, should you still take the time to develop a social media strategy?

The answer to these questions is a resounding “yes”. Any organization that wishes to meet their company’s objectives should have a strong digital strategy in place.

As Kissmetrics says, “Today, websites are no longer static brochures. User-generated content is a must. And regular interactions on social networks are vital to any business success.”

Care for further explanation? Throughout this series, we’ll break down the unexpected ways your organization can benefit from digital media, starting with reputation management.

The unexpected benefits of digital media for reputation management:

  1. Control controversy. When criticism or controversy arises in your industry, digital media gives you the power to address it directly. In a moment’s notice, you can respond to damaging rumours, false claims and any other pleasantries you come across. Ultimately, a digital strategy provides you with a voice, one that you can use to regain audiences’ trust and respect.

Reputation management digital media

  1. Gain social licence to operate. As The Globe and Mail states, “A social licence to operate exists when a project has continuing support and approval from the local community and, while intangible at times, the impact is powerful”. In order to efficiently build your community, connect with your audience and ultimately earn this social licence, you’ve got to get on social media.

reputation management social licence

  1. Boost political activism efforts. If your organization has a social or political stance you want to promote, digital media allows you to get your message out to a wide-reaching audience with just a click of a button. Social media provides unparalleled access to like-minded supporters; it’s never been easier to raise awareness and make an impact.

reputation management political activism

  1. Deal more efficiently with the media. If you’d like to have some control over how your business is portrayed in the media, you can use your digital strategy to relay important facts and information – media outlets commonly cite tweets, Facebook updates and blog posts. Your online content will make it easy for the media to access accurate information on your company. As a bonus, interview opportunities can be easily gained through digital media.


No matter what, you can’t stop people from discussing your organization online; therefore, reputation management is crucial. Don’t just bury your head in the sand; digital media provides a platform through which you can take control and tell your own story. Kissmetrics sums it up nicely:

“If you think you can skip this, or if you think you can make it without taking into account people’s voices, opinions, and reviews, think again.”

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