How to discuss digital media with management – and score your ideal 2020 budget

How to discuss digital media with management – and score your ideal 2020 budget

No matter how progressive your organization’s management team is, chances are, they probably still hold onto a few notions from the traditional marketing heyday. It can be a little tricky to convince the higher-ups to invest in digital – but, for the sake of your organization’s objectives, you’ve got to start the conversation.

Below, we’ll cover the main reasons why investing in digital is crucial, which should help you bring management on board (and boost your budget while you’re at it).

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It’s all about analytics

Digital media gives you the power to analyze the success of your marketing efforts on a minute-by-minute basis. You can see exactly what’s working, what’s not, and use that knowledge to fuel your next move. There’s not much guesswork involved – it all comes down to the data.

Find your audience

Endless target audience data is available online, making it possible to identify which platforms they use and to create relevant content tailored towards them. With traditional advertising, you end up advertising to the masses (and most of them will have no interest in your organization or its services, no matter how hard you try). Digital media’s targeting abilities give you the chance to be more intentional and improve your return on investment.

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Save money in the long run

When done right, digital media can be way less expensive than many traditional advertising options. Just think of the cost difference between placing a print/TV ad and boosting a post on Facebook! 

Of course, many digital tools are free, and even paid options like pay-per-click ads can be extremely cost-effective – with the ability to set maximum ad spend limits, you’re always in control of how much you invest. Plus, you can make changes to your content and optimize in real-time, which is something you can’t do with TV or print ads.

Focus on investment

Investors often use social media as part of their research and vetting process when searching for their next investment. Get on their radar by utilizing a smart digital strategy to build a strong brand reputation. Use your digital assets to showcase that your organization is forward-thinking and able to thrive in the online world – it will go a long way to prove you’re investment-worthy (which is sure to make your management team happy).


As 2020 approaches, it’s clear that digital has to play a major role in your organization’s marketing and communications strategy. If you need help convincing your management team to get serious about digital media, get in touch with us!

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