Do you have the gift of communications?

Do you have the gift of communications?

Recently, Communicatto’s President, Doug Lacombe, had the chance to participate in a special project called the Gift of Communications. The project featured some pretty fantastic partners like IABC/Calgary, the Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (CCVO), and Mount Royal University’s Communications faculty. Here’s a snippet from Doug’s LinkedIn post about the project:

Nonprofits in Alberta have not had a lot of good news lately. The moribund economy and rising social needs have put pressure on already strained agencies.

To take a bit of that pressure off, local communicators have banded together to provide assistance with an initiative called The Gift of Communications where local nonprofits can enter to win communications workshops and more.

Business communicators from IABC/Calgary have come together with our friends at CCVO and Mount Royal University’s Communications faculty to offer a variety of communications freebies aimed squarely at helping nonprofits achieve their mission.

Sounds pretty cool, right? We thought so too!

Wanna learn more? Instead of hitting you with words, words, words — we thought it would be more fun to put together a little infographic on the project. Check it out!

Don’t worry, just because the Gift of Communications has almost wrapped up doesn’t mean you’ve missed your chance.

If you need assistance coming up with a crackerjack digital communications strategy, drop me a line. The team here at Communicatto is always available to help!

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