Everyone watches explainer videos. Here’s how to make them.

Everyone watches explainer videos. Here’s how to make them.

If you’re looking for a low-budget option for creating more video content, start with explainer videos. This incredibly-popular format rules everything from YouTube, to Instagram Reels, to TikTok. And people can’t get enough of them.

According to Wyzowl, “96 percent of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.”

If you want to create explainer videos that are good enough to go viral, keep reading.

How to make the best explainer videos:

1. Figure out what your target audience wants to know

What are FAQs about your business or industry that you can address? Use the questions you get all the time as a starter point. Or, if taking a more data-based approach, Google Trends or Answer the Public are both incredible resources.

Man filming cooking explainer video with smartphone in kitchen

2. Write your script

A good explainer video script is all about simplification. Basically, you want to get your viewers from point A to point B as quickly as possible. Oh, and you need a great hook to kick the video off with too. Once your first draft’s done, it’s time to edit, edit and edit some more. Get ruthless with that backspace key!

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3. Record the visuals

What exactly are you going to show in your video? Animation is a popular option, but it’s definitely not a must. Keep it simple and record a team member addressing the camera, or film a visual tutorial that aligns with your script.

Remember, you’re not creating a feature film here. These types of videos can easily be filmed on your smartphone (though tools like ring lights can help).

4. Pick your editing app

While you can edit your video right on Instagram or TikTok, using an editing app is also a great option.

Check out these popular editing apps:


Woman editing video on computer with camera


5. Use captions

Captions are a social media explainer video staple. Including them helps get your point across and allows people to watch your video with or without the sound. That way, you’ll increase your views (and make your video way more accessible).

No matter what kind of explainer video you’re creating, remember to have a little fun with it. Even if the video’s only 30-seconds long, you still need to keep your audience engaged. Showing off your brand’s personality will go a long way.

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