Here’s why you should make an Instagram Guide ASAP

Here’s why you should make an Instagram Guide ASAP

Have you checked out Instagram Guides yet? This Instagram feature has been around for a while – and it’s underrated. Considering how versatile Guides are, it’s surprising that more brands haven’t hopped on the bandwagon.

Think of Instagram Guides as mini blog posts. They make it easy to compile important info all in one place! You can embed existing Instagram posts (your own and ones from other accounts), include snappy copy and, most importantly, get creative and have fun.

So how do you create Guides – and why should you? Keep reading to find out!

Everything you need to know about making your first Instagram Guide:


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Why make Guides?

Whether you want to show off your industry expertise, highlight your services or help Instagram users understand your brand, Guides are an excellent resource. And if you’re going to use Instagram, why not take advantage of all the features that allow you to connect with your target audience?

Guides offer brand storytelling opportunities that Instagram’s other features simply do not. It doesn’t take long for a great post to get buried in your feed; Instagram Stories disappear after 24 hours. But Guides allow you to weave together your greatest pieces of content, creating a cohesive story.

How to set up your first Guide

To get started: Go to your profile, then tap the little + icon in the top right corner of your screen. Once the menu pops up, tap Guide.

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Next, choose your Guide type. You can pick from places, products or posts.

After making your selection and choosing the locations, products or posts you’d like to include in your Guide, you can:

  • Add a title
  • Change the cover photo
  • Provide a description
  • Write headings and copy to fill out your guide

Tip: If you want to include posts from other brands in your Guide, make sure to tap the save button on those posts first.

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Guide content ideas

So what should your first guide be about? Ultimately, it depends on what your audience wants.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Show off your services, achievements or products
  • Clarify your mission statement
  • Round up your best-performing Instagram posts
  • Create a tutorial
  • Cover FAQs

Another tip: Try converting your top blog posts into Instagram Guides!

Great Instagram Guide examples

Need a little inspo before you get started? Check out some of these accounts’ Guides:


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Promote your Guide

Guides can’t be shared as in-feed posts (yet). So promote your Guides in your Stories, or even create a Reel/image post to notify your followers when you publish a new Guide!

Instagram is always changing and evolving – which means that your strategy needs to do the same. Need help? Check out more of our Instagram blog posts:

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