How can I get the Google love for my website?

How can I get the Google love for my website?

We used to rely on the Yellow Pages to find those proverbial needles in haystacks. Remember those big tree-killing brutes? Now we rely on search engines to do the same, and more. If you aren’t managing your search engine presence, you aren’t managing your brand.

That’s why search engine optimization is key to your business, whether you sell goods and services or ideas. Without traffic from Google, your reach will be extremely limited. Limited reach equals limited sales or applicants, or fewer people persuaded.

Decades of data from Statistics Canada have shown that: “Nearly all Canadians under the age of 45 use the internet every day.” Unless you’ve been living in a remote Buddhist monastery, you knew that. What you might not know is how to manage your web presence to take advantage of that search traffic.

So how exactly do you get that Google love, and thus traffic, to better sell your ideas, services or pizza?

The answer – load up your toolkit!

The folks at SEO Tribunal have created a comprehensive infographic (below) about SEO, then and now. All the stats, history, and 2019 tips, tricks and trends you need to get you started on your optimization journey are in this one graphic.

If you find DIY SEO to be a PITA – go ahead and give us a call at 403-215-7504. We’re in the directory under S for Search Engine Optimization services. Or use our uber-modern contact form.

To see the full infographic from SEO Tribunal, click image:

SEO Tribunal infographic

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