How to manage your marketing in uncertain times

How to manage your marketing in uncertain times

Woman worried about marketing in uncertain timesThe last few weeks have been nothing if not tumultuous. And yet, despite the ever-changing dynamics that are the COVID-19 landscape, many of us still have jobs to do. If you have a marketing role, you might be asking yourself how you go about managing your marketing in uncertain times like these.

The folks over at StackAdapt have a helpful guest post on this topic from one of their partners, Mandy Bachus of Flare Creative Group. Mandy writes:

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve sailed into uncharted waters, domestically and professionally. We’re navigating a new normal and whether you have experience in PR or not, we’re all managing a message. As marketers, knowing how to finesse the message in these uncertain times is a massive challenge. The real knack comes in managing marketing and communications effectively, tastefully and purposefully.

You should check out the whole post. Mandy provides some handy tips on what to do and what not to do around getting your message out there right now.

Here at Communicatto, we have a foot in both the marketing world and the PR world. So we understand the delicate balance that comes with needing to market during a time of crisis and the importance of doing so carefully.

Our President, Doug Lacombe, was talking about this topic just the other day and had some advice both for marketers and other folks trying to navigate the current turbulence:

While profiteering off a crisis is clearly unethical and distasteful, be gentle with folks who are still selling their wares. Chances are they are just trying to feed their families, keep their staff, and otherwise stay afloat. Sales is not evil. Profiteering is. Everyone needs to earn a living.

I think the real message we all need to remember is that we’re in this together. There is one thing that doesn’t go out of style no matter what else we have on our plates: being kind and generous with one another.

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