Is video marketing part of your vision in 2021?

Is video marketing part of your vision in 2021?

One of the tips in our video about Search Intent Optimization last week was to create lots of content with video and images. In fact, video marketing is a fast-growing area of opportunity for organizations!

It is easier than ever to create professional-grade videos, both using paid tools like ScreenFlow (that’s our favorite) and free tools like OpenShot (or any of the other options listed here). But you shouldn’t create video content just because it’s easy. Video marketing is also an effective way to achieve your organizational goals.

The folks over at Finances Online have put together an impressive list of stats outlining why video marketing needs to be part of your 2021 plans!

3 key video marketing stats you should know

The article is full of valuable information. You should check the whole thing out!

Would you like to know what our favourite video marketing projects have been? Drop us a line, and we can chat more about how video can vault your marketing success to new heights in 2021!

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