Is your content creating the opportunities you need?

Is your content creating the opportunities you need?

If you’ve spent any time thinking about your organization’s online presence, you’ve probably heard people talk about the importance of content. Whether you look at how effective your website is or where to put your advertising dollars, it’s hard to escape the discussion about content marketing.

It’s true that high quality and effective content is a big part of marketing these days. Especially when we’re talking digital marketing. And there are so many different ways to use your content it can make your head spin.

Thankfully, the folks at Spiralytics have an awesome infographic about creating goal-oriented content. This super handy tool breaks everything down for you when it comes to content marketing.

Check it out!

At Communicatto we know that stories are the new sales pitches. Your audience doesn’t want to read boring posts with a bunch of jargon in them. What gets their attention are the stories you tell about why your work matters.

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