Launch your next campaign with a snazzy new microsite

Launch your next campaign with a snazzy new microsite

If your shoulder is sore and you can’t ski or do yoga, what do you do?

You might see an Athletic Therapist.

But what if it’s your website that’s creaky, not your shoulder?

One option is to build a campaign microsite. A microsite is a little more than a landing page and a little less than a full website.

You could think of it as a small magazine in a family of publications.

Building a microsite sidesteps all the past injuries and scar tissue slowing your website down and allows you to get marketing quickly and efficiently.

The technological pain relief and increased range of marketing motion experienced when using a purpose-built site outdoes anything even Dr. Ho can promise – no electrodes required!

Here’s how we helped one of our clients, the Alberta Athletic Therapists Association (AATA), build a microsite to boost their online presence.

1. When it comes to web development, it’s all about goal-setting

How it all started: When AATA needed to double down on their marketing efforts, a mutual friend referred them to Communicatto.

Their goal? AATA wanted to build online awareness that athletic therapy (AT) is not just for athletes. It’s an important companion therapy or alternative to physiotherapy, chiropractic and other orthopedic/musculoskeletal regimens of care.

Simply put, athletic therapists get people moving again.

After assessing AATA’s marketing needs, their existing site and online presence, we came up with a digital marketing strategy to help spread the word.

We wanted to get AATA’s message moving again.


2. The power of a well-designed microsite

The pre-existing AATA website proved to be both an asset and an interesting challenge. Their site was fairly new and nice-looking. Starting from scratch seemed wasteful, yet its utilitarian design didn’t fit the story they wanted to tell or their content strategy.

The solution? We created a microsite.

“Unlike regular websites, microsites tend to be rather simplistic and easier to navigate. This isn’t to say they won’t make you want to poke around for a while, though. In fact, the really great ones do just that.” – HubSpot

Basically, a microsite gives your visitors exactly what they want with no confusing distractions.

AATA’s new microsite serves as a landing page for ad campaigns, and it’s an information hub. It’s where AATA posts approachable, educational content that speaks to their target audience. Above all, the site’s content solves their patients’ problems – be that injury, pain or lack of mobility.

microsite design

3. Looks matter if you want to be memorable

Planning a user-friendly microsite was just the first step. To get the message across (and to the right audience), we needed to do an online brand refresh by:

  • Modernizing AATA’s look
  • Making AATA’s visual brand and content more recognizable
  • Finding a fresh way to visually represent orthopedic/musculoskeletal care

From there, we developed a fresh logo, avatar/icon, chose fonts and colours and formalized everything into a brand style guide.

Lookin’ good, AATA!

If you’re trying to reach a new online audience, working with a designer can be a total game-changer. After all, people are busy and attention spans are short – but the right visual branding strategy will captivate your business’ target audience.

microsite build

4. Focus on the hub and spoke model

A good site is usually the core of your digital marketing strategy. Its content should “convert” your online visitors, or get them to complete actions that line up with your business’ goals. But first, your audience needs to find your new site.

That’s why we’re fans of the hub and spoke content marketing strategy. Using a strong PESO media mix (Paid, Earned, Social and Owned content) can help you draw people to the “hub” of your business’ online marketing strategy (your website), and at the lowest cost-per-acquisition. Basically, you maximize exposure and every dollar spent.

So that’s what we did for AATA.

Now they’ve got all their online bases covered, AATA can spread awareness of the benefits of regaining pain-free movement.

Want to do the same for your business’ brand, content and website? Get in touch with us – we can help with any of your digital marketing needs.

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