Make your website a race car, not a clunker

Make your website a race car, not a clunker

Your website can and should be like a Ferrari in a road race: So fast it holds the attention of the audience, and gets them to the checkered flag without breakdowns. Any slower and the race is lost. Your website is no different. Your target audience expects speed, clarity and convenience from your site. Fail the speed test and you lose the race, and the audience. It’s that simple.

According to Google, “53% of mobile site visits leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.” So unless you aren’t serious about your brand, it’s time to get up to speed!

Speed is your secret weapon that makes or breaks whether visitors decide to stay on your site; without optimized pages, say goodbye to getting Google love and making it to the top of the search engine results. Unless this is your first road race, you know that a lack of visibility puts the brakes on your site and your brand and prevents you from meeting your business objectives.

What is the key to maintaining above average site speed?

The answer – start by testing your site’s speed, and then learn from the pros: 

Hosting Tribunal’s comprehensive infographic (below) reveals how speed impacts customer experience, conversions, SEO and bounce rate including interesting facts like the average loading time for mobile versus desktop!

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To see the full infographic from Hosting Tribunal, click image:

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