Need marketing help? Follow these 5 Instagram accounts ASAP

Need marketing help? Follow these 5 Instagram accounts ASAP

With so much marketing advice available online, it’s hard to know who to trust. Unfortunately, not all advice is created equal. Pick the wrong source, and you could end up making a few pretty unwise marketing moves.

To help you cut through some of the noise, we’re compiling a list of our favourite marketing accounts on Instagram. Some are funny, some are thought-provoking, and some simply offer up words of wisdom. Keep reading to discover which Instagram accounts we love!

Hint: Many of our favourite marketing tools and resources also happen to run incredible Instagram accounts.


5 of our favourite marketing advice accounts to follow on Instagram:


Later media instagram post story hacks


If you love social media hacks, you’ve got to follow Later. Want to shake up your Instagram Stories or need to upgrade your smartphone photography skills? Later’s got all the info you need to confidently manage your social media strategy.


Sprout Social Instagram postSprout Social

While Sprout Social is technically in competition with Later, we can’t get enough of their amazing charts and advice from industry leaders. Take a scroll through their feed, and you’ll feel inspired to refine your social media skills.


Hubspot Instagram post


If you love Reels, you’ll love HubSpot’s Instagram feed. They provide tons of funny takes on the lives of marketers and social media managers. Who doesn’t love a little comedic relief? And of course, they know when to get serious and share an eye-opening infographic.


Canva Instagram post colour palette


These days, visual content is essential to marketing success. Every single social media graphic, white paper, poster, ad and more has to align with your visual brand. That’s why we love following Canva on social media. If you need graphic design advice, look no further.


Communicatto Instagram post social media manager


Yup, we’re patting ourselves on the back now. But if you’re into marketing memes with little tidbits of advice thrown in, you might enjoy our Instagram feed. It’s where we go to get a little bit weird and have fun. Okay! Self-promotion time is officially over.


And that rounds out our list of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow for marketing advice! Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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