Never run out of social media content ideas again

Never run out of social media content ideas again

There’s one thing all social media managers have in common: writer’s block. Or is that content writer’s block? Either way, coming up with enough ideas to fill your weekly social media post quota can be daunting. And now that we’re all experiencing burnout, the pressure of coming up with effective social media content ideas can be especially overwhelming.

Until now, that is.

If you’re struggling to come up with social media posts, our list below will help you get going. Keep reading to discover eight go-to content ideas!

8 social media content ideas for when you’re feeling uninspired:


1. Collect user-generated content

You work hard to create content for your followers to enjoy, so why not get them in on the act? Chances are, they will jump on the chance to be featured on your social media pages.

Think up photo submission ideas that are relevant to your industry. Ask your followers to post those photos and tag you in them. Suddenly, you’ll have a supply of user-generated content you can reshare on your feed! Just make sure you have your followers’ permission to share their photos.

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2. Poll your followers

Not sure what kind of content your followers want more of? Ask them! This works especially well with Instagram Stories – use the Poll and/or Questions stickers to get your followers’ insights.

3. Post team photos

Let’s face it – people love photos of, well, people. Photos of faces help boost website conversion rates, and they get 38 per cent more likes on Instagram, according to HashtagsForLikes. So why not humanize your brand and improve your engagement rate by posting team photos?

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4. Share content from brands you trust

Provide extra value to your audience by curating content from other content creators you respect. By sharing the most interesting advice, blog posts and news updates you can find, you might become a go-to information source in your industry.

5. Keep track of weird “holidays”

There’s a day for just about everything. Take a quick browse through websites like National Day Calendar, and you’ll find no shortage of hyper-specific “holidays”. National VCR Day, anyone?

Find a few days that are relevant to your brand, and have fun incorporating them into your social media schedule!

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6. Update and reshare evergreen content

Have any pre-existing content that performed well in the past? Give it an update and reshare it! Maybe it’s a super-interesting infographic; maybe it’s an evergreen blog post. Whatever it is, finding ways to repurpose and reshare that content will only increase its value.

7. When in doubt, share a quote

If you’re staring at a blank content calendar, it’s time to hunt down a few great quotes. Find thought-provoking quotes from leaders in your industry (or the leaders of your organization) and turn them into eye-catching graphics. The right quote can earn a lot of engagement and provide tons of other benefits (like building your brand’s personality).

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8. Host a giveaway

Who doesn’t love a social media giveaway? Hosting a giveaway can help expand your social media following, and can provide co-branding opportunities (if you’re doing a bundle). Follow each social platform’s giveaway rules, pick a great prize and, most importantly, have fun with it!

We hope this list helps fuel your creativity for years to come! However, if you need serious social media management help, contact us. We can help with strategy, day-to-day community management, and much more!

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